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Est 2018

We from Stephano’s would like to thank you for visiting our site! We have had our two locations in Dutchess County for years now with great success from hard work and making sure that we only buy and source from the finest purveyors out there. We try our best to go above and beyond to bring you the best meats, cheeses, pastas etc. that we can find. We never forget our most important ingredient is you, our customers — you guys make Stephano’s what it is and we will never forget that. When a good friend of mine told me that we have an opportunity to open our third location in Cold Spring, we were so excited we have a lot of family and friends in Cold Spring. We are so thankful for the opportunity to bring our third location here to Putnam County, it’s just another great opportunity to do what we love doing. Here at the Stephano’s we love what we do, making good quality food, serving large portions, and serving all our family, friends & customers. Our commitment to you is that we will always do our best each and everyday to try and make your experience at Stephano’s the best you’ve ever had every time you visit us! Thank you!